DIY - A Gift for a New Baby

DIY -  A Gift for a New Baby

A Handmade Name Sign

There are so many gift ideas out there to celebrate the arrival of a new baby. This comes as no surprise as finding presents for babies can be so much fun. Baby clothes, toys and accessories are just too cute to resist. What’s more, practical and useful presents are welcome, and if these are unique and personal to boot, then all the more so. So how about a handmade name sign for the nursery? A unique, very personal touch.

Baby Namensschild 1

What you need:

•    A 20X20 cm canvas
•    Pink and grey paint
•    Wooden letters (LINE)
•    A guardian angel charm
•    A mini baby feet stamp and ink pad (Woodies)
•    Washi tape
•    Scissors, pencil, masking tape, ruler and glue

And this is how it is done:

Using a ruler or whatever measuring device you have at hand, mark your canvas edge in pencil at 2cm intervals.
Apply masking tape at these 2 cm intervals and also mask the border of the canvas. Mix the grey paint and then paint the exposed areas grey. Paint the wooden letters another colour, in this case pink. Let the paint dry and then remove the masking tape.
Position the letters and the guardian angel token and then stick them onto the canvas one by one. By the way, I used Pattex super glue for this project. A fuss-free, fast working product. Using the mini baby feet stamp, add light blue footprints to the design. Finally, choose a lovely Washi tape and apply to the perimeter of the canvas as a border.
And there you have it, your finished sign. All that’s left is to wrap it up beautifully and give it away.

Wishing you lots of fun with this project,
Su Fröken

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