Create your own unique gift wrap

Create your own unique gift wrap

Wrap Christmas presents creatively with Woodies

Christmas time is present time...and so today’s post is all about creative gift packaging, which is still easy to do. I've let myself be inspired by Woodies stamp motifs.

Woodies Weihnachtgeschenke 1
Woodies Weihnachtgeschenke 3
Woodies Weihnachtgeschenke 5
Woodies Weihnachtgeschenke 7
Woodies Weihnachtgeschenke 2
Woodies Weihnachtgeschenke 10
Woodies Weihnachtgeschenke 6

And this is how it’s done:

For the rectangular packaging, where I have used the stamp ‘Happy Holidays’ and the ink pad ‘Royal Rose’, I created antlers just like the ones framing the writing on my chosen stamp.

For this, I folded a piece of A4 paper in half and then drew half of the design freestyle, starting from the fold line. If you then cut though both layers of the shape, you get mirror images when unfolding the paper, a perfect shape for antlers.

If this is too hard: Another way is to copy the antler design from the stamp and then enlarge e.g. using a photocopier.
The rest of the packaging consists of brown parcel paper, red satin ribbon and parcel string (both are wrapped around the parcel several times and then fixed at the back) and a white card circle, on which the motif is stamped.

And there you have it: a personally wrapped present. Don’t you think it has that Rudolf look about it? ;-) This kind of wrapping is perfect for box shaped gifts such as books, CDs, games etc.

When I looked at the second stamp motif with the wonderful gloves, I immediately thought of pompoms. Knitted or crocheted items always make for brilliant presents, but somehow, I find that socks and hats aren't that easy to wrap nicely.Once wrapped, the paper creases and then everything looks rather battered. Because of this, I like to use paper bags for this kind of gift, in this case I used a basic brown bag with base (you can also make these yourself using parcel paper).

I then stamped the motif onto the bag several times, made a pompom out of wool scraps and then sealed the bag with my decorative tape. Another finished, personal gift, and it looks quite impressive don’t you think?

I hope you like my two ideas!
Wishing you a lovely festive season and lots of fun wrapping,


Kreative Geschenkverpackungen selber machen
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