DIY - a wedding gift to make yourself

DIY - a wedding gift to make yourself

A framed print with registry office coordinates as a personal, DIY wedding gift

That special wedding gift - you want it to be personal, romantic and unique, but without it being tacky. Not the easiest of tasks! Fröken Su has prepared a fantastic DIY idea for you; a personal and stylish wedding gift.

Creative and personal wedding gifts are in high demand. This is not always as easy as it sounds. A gift should reflect the wedding couple and be personal for good measure. In a nut shell, a suitable gift can be a real challenge. So, today, a wedding gift idea that is not only very personal but also a lovely reminder of the special day. The framed coordinates of the registry office, where the happy couple said, ‘I do’. The anchor, which has been a running theme throughout the wedding stationary, also has a place on the print.

Geschenk Hochzeit FrkenSu 4
Geschenk Hochzeit FrkenSu 5
Geschenk Hochzeit FrkenSu 1
Geschenk Hochzeit FrkenSu 2
Konfettitten Hochzeit FrkenSu 3
Geschenk Hochzeit FrkenSu 3


•    White card stock
•    A picture frame
•    A small circular craft punch
•    Mini stamper with anchor design
•    Ink pad Balance Blue (Deep Dark)
•    Design software, printer
•    Scissors, glue


With the help of your chosen design software, create a text to fit one page. Make sure this matches the size of your chosen photo frame.

The design should include:

•    The coordinates of the registry office.
•    Names of the wedding couple
•    Wedding date
•    Where the wedding took place
•    Anchor image

If you are a calligraphy expert or have beautiful handwriting, then these are also options, especially if you don’t have access to a design programme on your computer.
Punch out a small circle from white card, using a circular craft punch, and then add an anchor to the circle with the mini-stamper. Stick this circle onto the centre of the print, where you have left a space free for this purpose. Allow to dry.

All that is left to do, is to frame your print in a beautiful picture frame of your choice.

On that note,
Fröken Su

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