DIY Baby memory Box

DIY Baby memory Box

The home-made baby memory box: a place to store memories

The little ones grow so fast and there are many small memories that one wants to keep especially in the first months. A strand of hair, the first pacifier, the first little booties or clinic ribbon in the Kraftbox that Nicole decorated with Woodies.

Baby Erinnerungsbox 1A
Baby Erinnerungsbox 1
Baby Erinnerungsbox 3
Baby Erinnerungsbox 4

What you need:

  • A box in the size of your choice.
  • Paper and decoration items.
  • Woodies Stamp and Ink pad:
    •    „Our baby is here“-Woodies
    •    „It’s a boy!“-Woodies
    •    „Babyfeet“-Woodies
    •    Woodies Ink-pad„Calm Cloud“
  • Organza pouches for „first lock of hair“

How it works:

Glue the lid with the paper and cut out a blue paper frame. I decorated it with the button and the words „Baby Boy“.
If you open the baby memories box, a „second“ cover is revealed. This is the beautiful stamp with „Our baby is there“ that was used.
As soon as the little man comes into the world, I will decorate the other side, even with the dates and the name. This also applies to the baby's footprint.
All that, in the box that is now the place for all the little treasures you want to keep.

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