DIY - confetti gift bags

DIY - confetti gift bags

Self-made confetti gift bags - a perfect way to wrap a money gift

Money gifts can be a bit of a problem - you understand the logic behind them but somehow, they just don’t feel like a lovely present. Fröken Su has created the perfect solution with her DIY confetti bags! Not only will the recipient be happy with their money gift but will also find joy in its packaging. And of course, we want to share the DIY confetti bag instructions with you!

More and more wedding couples wish for money as a wedding present. Perfectly understandable in my opinion, as a wedding and dream honeymoon can cost a lot of money. But how do you actually gift the money? Somehow it would feel better, more personal, if it looks like a beautiful gift. That is my own opinion anyway. In this vain, for a recent wedding, I created lovely money gift packaging alongside my framed marriage coordinates gift - my solution was to make little confetti bags with heart shaped confetti.

Konfettitüten Hochzeit_1
Konfettitüten Hochzeit_2
Konfettitüten Hochzeit_6
Konfettitüten Hochzeit_5
Konfettitüten Hochzeit_3


•    White card stock
•    Card stock in your choice of colour (e.g. turquoise)
•    Tracing paper
•    Heart shaped craft punch
•    Circle shaped craft punch
•    Woodies mini stampers: ‘anchor’, ‘rings’ and ‘heart’
•    Ink pad ‘Deep Dark’
•    Design software, printer
•    Sewing machine, turquoise coloured thread
•    Scissors, glue


Cut the tracing paper into wide strips (depending on the size you want the bag to be). Fold in half and stick the open edges together, making sure that the top is left open.

Use the heart punch and turquoise card to make lots of little hearts so that you have heart shaped confetti. Also make hearts from left over tracing paper so that you have more than one sort of confetti. Now fill the little bag with a bank note and your confetti.

Create a paper strip with text and stamp motif to decorate the outside of the bag. To do this, cut a strip of white card. Before you do so, add the name of the wedding couple and the date of the wedding by way of design software or using beautiful handwriting. Using the circular punch and various mini stamper motifs (as seen in the pictures), make little circular embellishments to stick onto the strip of card.

Now sew the strip and the open edge of the bag together with the help of a sewing machine and matching thread.

And there you have it, a finished confetti gift bag with money contents. By the way, this confetti gift bag is not only perfect for weddings but also great for other occasions such as birthdays.

On that note,

Fröken Su

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