‘Sweet Treats’ DIY Gift Box

‘Sweet Treats’ DIY Gift Box


Gift sweet surprises in a ‘sweet treats’ gift box

Whether voucher, sugary treat or anything else you wish to gift, these ‘sweet treat’ boxes are perfect for almost any little gesture. These sweet mini-boxes are perfect for gifting little pralines as well as vouchers. Using the Woodies ‘Merci’ stamp adds that final, finishing touch.


This is what you need for the ‘sweet treats’ box:

  • Patterned card 10.2 x.15.2 cm
  • Envelope punch board (but you can use normal scissors)
  • Woodies stamp ‘Merci’
  • Woodies ink pad, colour ‘Wondrous Wine’
  • Decorating ribbon
  • A self-adhesive cork heart

Sarah has included diagrams to illustrate her making process. Don’t worry, it looks more complicated than it really is!

Here's how it's done:

First, cut your patterned card to size: 10.2 x.15.2 cm.
Then mark all the lines on the inner side of the box as following: Using the 15.2 cm length edge, draw a line every 3.5 cm, there will be 12mm left over. This will become our sticking tab.
Using the 10.2 cm width edge, draw another line at 3 cm. This will become the base of your mini box later. Cut out the little piece between your sticking tab  and the box base area. Also score every 3.5 cm line up to the 3cm marking point.
Now fold the patterned card at the 3.5 cm line marks. Then punch/cut the card at a 1cm indent.
To finish, stick down the 12mm tab and the base of the mini box. Your sweet little box is now complete.

These boxes are ideal for gifting little pralines or even vouchers. The ‘Merci’ stamp finishes off your sweet gesture perfectly.

Have fun making your own ‘sweet treats’ gift box ☺

PS: These boxes are sweet but small. If you need a bigger box, simply multiply all measurements proportionnaly.

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