A day at sea

A day at sea

The greatest gift is time: Voucher for a day at sea

Don’t you agree? The greatest gift is the gift of time spent together. However, just putting a voucher in an envelope doesn’t really do the trick. Why don’t you present your gift vouchers in a special manner? That way, the anticipation for the big day has a chance to really build up!

DIY-Gutschein selber machen
DIY-Gutschein selber machen 2
DIY-Gutschein selber machen 3
DIY-Gutschein selber machen 4

With the help of the Woodies "Ahoy -stamp" and the small steering wheel as well as the Woodies "Calm Cloud" inkpad, I created a small picture for the frame that reminds me of a cute maritime decoration, and on the other hand, the ”day at sea” voucher.
Even if it’s a last minute idea, this present can be done pretty fast. You will only need a small picture frame, color matching small pieces of paper, packing tape and a round white sticker on which the logo is stamped.
The packing tape is fixed onto one of the pieces of paper by the sticker and then wrapped around the inlet of the frame. The frame is already finished. If you wish, you can also wrap the pack around the frame. Wrapped in foil, decorated with a pretty shield or matching ribbon and with the cover in which the voucher is added, one has a nice little gift for the birthday child.

Of course, the idea can also be extended as desired, for example with a larger frame.
I hope you like the idea!

Kind regards,

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