A new take on invitations - striking, special, home made

A new take on invitations - striking, special, home made

A simple way to make a distinctive looking invitation yourself

Kerstin has created a unique, luggage label style invitation, just for you. Don’t worry, it looks more complicated than it really is! Take a look at the DIY instructions for making this special invitation yourself, it will definitely be worth your while!

I’ve been inspired to try out an alternative style of invitation. I was bored with the same old card in an envelope. So, this time I have created a type of luggage label.


Einladung Kofferanhänger 1
Einladung Kofferanhänger 4
Einladung Kofferanhänger 3

What you need:

  • 2 different colours of card
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors/cutter
  • Ruler (or set square)
  • Pencil
  • Double sided adhesive tape
  • Punch tool/hole punch
  • Woodies stamp ‘Invitation’
  • Woodies ink pad ‘Beautiful Berry’

This is how it’s done:

It is very simple to create. To begin, make the sleeve for the invitation out of a sheet of thick paper or card. Draw two adjoining, identical ‘house’ shapes. Mark a narrow strip down one side of the ‘houses’ as well as a strip running across the bottom of the ‘houses’. These strips will be used to glue the sleeve together.

After this, cut out everything and glue together the marked tabs, for example with double sided adhesive tape, to form a ‘house’. You can of course use normal glue, but make sure you achieve a clean finish 😉. Now for step 2. Using your other piece of coloured card, cut out a card, which fits the sleeve you have just made. This should be just the right size for sliding into the sleeve without any difficulty.

Then insert the necessary holes and slits. Punch a hole in the pointed top of the ‘roof’, making sure this punches through both sides. Then punch another hole a little underneath the first one, again making sure this punches through both sides. It is best to use a punch tool for this. Make a 1cm wide central slit, near the top edge of the actual invitation card, it is best to use a cutter for this. Now add your text to the invitation card.

Follow this with threading the ribbon. I recommend a slightly wider satin ribbon (approx. 5mm). First, guide the ribbon through the top hole on the front, working from the inside to the outside. Then thread through the lower front hole so that the ribbon is back inside the sleeve. Next, guide the ribbon through the slit of the invitation card, then through the lower back hole so that the ribbon ends up on the outside. To finish, thread it back through the top back hole so the ribbon finishes on the inside. This sounds more complicated than it really is - use the included pictures to help you. I then brought the ends of my ribbon together behind a scalloped edge, circular embellishment made of cardboard and then fixed them in place.

For the finishing touch, I then used the lovely Woodies stamp ‘Invitation’ on the embellishment. This time I used the ink pad colour ‘Beautiful Berry’ as it matched the colour of my card stock. Of course, you can choose any colour you wish from the many ink pad colours Woodies has to offer.

I used a double-sided piece of adhesive tape on the front of the sleeve to hold the embellishment in place, so that the tag is sealable. Of course, there are other options, just make sure that it is easy to stick and unstick the embellishment for opening and closing.

The recipient can then easily open the invitation, and the card will automatically appear when the embellishment is lifted. This type of invitation would work well presented in a little transparent envelope.

And that’s the end of my little ‘how to’ guide, I hope that you like my take on invitation making.

Lots of love,


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