Finally - after finals - time to read!

Finally - after finals - time to read!

DIY bookmarks so you do not lose track

Finally done! The examinations and tests lie behind us and we look forward to week-long vacations already. After all the studying of the past few weeks, one can finally devote oneself to their favorite books. Woodies decorated bookmarks are the optimal solution to make sure you won't loose the right page in your book.

What you need:

•    Cord/Band
•    Cardboard / craft paper
•     „Exlibris“ Woodies Stamp

It’s so easy:

Cut out the paper as you would like to have it; Let your imagination run free here. Attach the cord or band and stamp the paper as you wish. Now, put it in the book.
Goodbye dog-ears, Goodbye looking for the right page!

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