Baby Photo collage - DIY Creative baby thank you cards

Baby Photo collage - DIY Creative baby thank you cards

Keep a collage of photos and make them a treasure.

After the birth of your chat many emotions are at stake: we are relieved and exhausted... but above all we are proud as Oskar to the little miracle you have created! To celebrate the arrival of the new being and thank all those who have sent gifts or cards, the idea of photo collage is a very personal solution! Nicole shows us a good example.


What you need:

  • Blank card
  • Pink cardboard paper
  • Collage of photos
  • Matching ribbon
  • Silver Heart
  • White pendant
  • "Our baby is here" -Woodies
  • Inkpads Woodies "Wonderful Magnolia"

How it works:

After the birth of our daughter we took many photos in the first days, which I have put together to a Fotocollage. There are many pages on the internet that offer this for free. I have the collage developed in 9x13 in black and white.
The blank card which is gray has dimensions 10x15, I cut out the pink cardboard in 10x14 cm and paste the two together with the photo on the card.
The Woodies stamp is of course perfect here, as well as the inkpad in pink.
I cut the strip and attach to the stamped card and the small silver heart, as well as the pendant.
The heart is made up of the so-called "Tibet silver", which is sold at a good price in all its possible forms on the Internet.

Best Regards,

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