DIY – Baby name card to make yourself

DIY – Baby name card to make yourself

A baby is born! Birth is and remains a very exciting moment in the life of the new parents. But it’s not only a magical moment for the parents, it’s a fascinating time for the family and friends as well. This beautiful occasion deserves a very special gift. For which of course, an original congratulatory card can’t be missed. How about a one that bears the name of the baby and is made by yourself?

DIY Namenskarte zur Geburt
DIY Namenskarte zur Geburt 2
DIY Namenskarte zur Geburt 3
DIY Namenskarte zur Geburt 4
DIY Namenskarte zur Geburt 5
DIY Namenskarte zur Geburt 6

What you’ll need:

•    Paper sheet in blue kraft paper, light and dark blue (A4 format)
•    Red thread
•    Velcro tape (premade in circular form)
•    White cardboard letters
•    Design perforator in heart shape and circle
•    "Welcome little Baby Boy" Woodies design stamp
•    Woodies Mini feet design stamp
•    "Calm Blue" Woodies stamp pad
•    Scissors, glue, cutting machine, sewing machine

How it’s done :

Fold the dark blue paper sheet into a card. See image.
Cut the light blue kraft paper in A6 format with a cutting machine.
The light blue kraft paper is now sewn onto the dark paper with a sewing machine using the red thread. If it’s easier for you, fix it with an adhesive.
Use the design perforator to punch out a heart as well as a circle of the light blue paper. Choose a thicker paper for the circle so that it is strong enough. Coat the circle with the WELCOME LITTLE BABY BOY design stamp, for the heart use the Mini design stamp with the feet.
Cut out small circles from the Velcro tape or use the premade ones. Place one side of the Velcro tape on the card and the other side on the circle. Place the circle in such a way that the velcro can fit together and then fix the circle on the card with glue.
The sewing machine can be used here again. You can simply attach a seam to the front of the card and fix the circle. Attach the rest of the red thread to the heart.
Finally, the letters for the name are glued to the card. Take care that you can still open the card afterwards!
On that note, I hope you have fun designing your congratulations card!

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DIY – Namenskarte zur Geburt selber machen
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