DIY Inspiration -a newborn baby card to make yourself

DIY Inspiration -a newborn baby card to make yourself

Make your own card to celebrate a new baby

Baby cards are ten a penny, so why not make your own? This is how to make your very own, stylish card for the birth of a baby, combining hand lettering with Woodies stamps. Have a look at how it’s done!

How wonderful, the little girl is here at last! You could now go and simply buy a newborn baby card, they exist ten a penny, but a hand-crafted card has its own, very personal charm. So how about this idea for a newborn baby card?

Babykarte Babygirl
Babykarte Babygirl 1
Babykarte Babygirl 2
Babykarte Babygirl 3
Babykarte Line Froekensu 4
Babykarte Babygirl 5

It combines hand lettering, which is currently incredibly popular, with playful baby themed stamps. Straight forward and simple yet something very special.


•    Blank white card
•    Pink copier paper
•    Black ribbon
•    Lettering design program or beautiful handwriting
•    Heart shaped punch
•    ‘Welcome sweet little baby’ stamp
•    Baby feet and dummy mini -stamps
•    ‘Marvellius Magnolia’ coloured ink pad
•    Printer, scissors, glue


Using either the design program or your own beautiful handwriting, print the phrase, ‘YAY, you are finally here!’ onto the white card. Hand lettering is currently one of the most popular DIY trends and the method is actually quite easy (make ascending lines thin and descending lines thick).
Cut a balloon shape out of the pink paper and add the ‘Welcome sweet little baby’ stamp motif to it.
Cut the black ribbon to the desired length, wrap around the balloon and stick down on the reverse side. Then stick the balloon onto the card.
Cut out two little heart shapes using the heart shaped punch. Add the baby feet mini stamp motif to one heart and the dummy mini stamp motif to the other heart. Stick the hearts together with motifs facing outwards, making sure the balloon ribbon is between them.

And on that note, have lots of fun creating your own newborn baby celebration card.

Su Fröken

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