DIY – New baby wishes

DIY – New baby wishes

Is it a girl or a boy? Lucky Lime helps you out!

Someone around you just had a baby and you’re just not sure about the baby‘s sex? Jeanette presents you an idea for a congratulations card. Lucky Lime is the brilliant woody color that fits both a girl and a boy.


What you need:

  • Woodies Stamp „Welcome to Life“
  • Woodies Stamp pad „Lucky Lime“
  • White cardboard/ paper
  • Colorful paper
  • Punch / shear

How it works:

Just take the stamp "Welcome to Life" and stamp the white paper with "Lucky Lime". If you have a nice shear available(in my example it’s a round one), simply punch the stamp out.
Later on, get a blank card or a self-made card with a color box or design paper (keep the dimensions smaller than the basic card, as the effect is best).
Finally, glue the stamped parts to the paper and you’re done!

Quick and easy, but original and beautiful. With this card, a visit to the newborn and their mom is certainly going to be a success.

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